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Does your RC Wife have what it takes to be in our Hall of Fame? Contact us and let us know why you feel your little lady should be included with the Elites known and RC Wives. 

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These are the women who make it all possible. The women who go ABOVE and BEYOND. These RC Wives are truly the biggest supporters of their men and some are even racers themselves. 

Welcome to the Hall Of Fame

Our Ladies represent so many countries! I think it's safe to say RC WIVES are taking over the world!!

We continue to keep making news with our presence! 

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We love our Nitro Junkies and support their love of racing. We "RC Wives" are an elite group of women who put in long days and nights at the track, we scrub dirt, dust and sand out of sponsor clothing for our men’s podium pictures, we drive numerous hour for big races and use vacation time to watch our men do what they do..


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