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SoCal is looking to be REP'd!!

Are you always at the track supporting your hubby & spreading the love of RC?
 Do you spend more time at the track with your guy- than anywhere else, and wouldn't have it any other way?
We are looking for 2 SoCal Ambassadors to represent the Wives!! These 2 new ambassadors will join our current Elite Ambassadors and be the face, eyes and ears of RC Wives all overSoCal. Post pictures, videos and updates from races and events at your neck of the woods!! We need 1 to REP our Nitro Junkies and 1 to be the face of the Electric scene!!
Apply at www.rcwives.com Tell us why you would be an AWESOME ambassador and choose where you would like to represent.

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​​Do YOU have what it takes to be an RC Wives Ambassador?

The RC Wives Ambassadors

The West Coast Ambassador

 Randi Carter

The Mid-West Ambassador

Courtney Gabeau

The North-West Ambassador

Janel Petrick

The South Ambassador

Amanda Black

The East Coast Ambassador

Christine Anastasio​​

The Bios

Amanda Black- The South

"Howdy from as South as Southern gets, Texas! I’m a proud RC wife AND racer. You don’t see too many women racers, but I’m hoping to encourage more to join me. If not to race, to at least come enjoy the sport along with their men. Women definitely enjoy the company. As female racers are rare, I try to use that to get more young kids involved as well. Even if that means driving one of my own cars just to try it out. I do as much traveling to different tracks as I can with also being a mom. I have a beautiful teenage daughter and a very handsome little boy who make me just as proud as my husband does racing. I hope my story makes others want to join in on this crazy adventure of RC racing. If a mother of two who also runs a business can still play toy cars with the big boys, ANYONE CAN!! If you want to give it a try, I’m here to help : )"


Christine Anastasio- The East Coast

"I am a fitness and wellness professional and I love being active.  If I am not running around making sure we have everything we need for racing, then you will find me running, biking or lifting weights.  I love obstacle racing as well.  I am a true believer in mental fitness and being strong on the inside as well as the outside.  RC Racing has been wonderful for our family to continue to communicate and bond in special ways/ sometimes difficult ways.  What better way can a family work together, be competitive, communicate and grow as a team. 

 Scott introduced me to the life of RC car racing in June of 2015 when we stopped into a hobby shop in the Canton, OH area to look at cars.  We ended up walking out with a brand new 4x4 SCT for him to drive.  He had driven RC cars when he was a teenager, so he was not a newcomer.  I certainly was, though.  We went to Sparks Park in the Columbus, OH area in July 2015.   I was watching Scott drive from the side to of the track when the owner, Glenn Sparks, ends up driving his EBuggy over the side wall towards me (I had no idea how heavy these cars were, so I turned to the side and tried to stop it with my hand).  Ummm… not a good idea.  My love for the RC world began that day and it has never stopped.   I am Scott’s team manager/ pit mama for all races/ part time racer.  I adore the Hot Bodies staff/ drivers and families.  HB rocks.

I am a huge advocate for family RC fun, healthy RC races and women getting involved and falling in love with the sport of RC racing as much as I love it.  RC car racing has been a true blessing to our family and our lives.  We have met so many great people, traveled to wonderful places.  Now, I want to inspire other families like ours to come on out and have fun with us."


Randi Carter- The West Coast

"I'm 36 years old, from the Clovis/ Fresno California area.  I became active in the RC community about 3 years ago, I’ve spent many hours at various tracks from outdoor, to indoor to on road tracks.  I don’t think in the last 3 years we have had any vacation that didn’t involve something RC related, we enjoy making pit stops at the small mom and pop hobby shops in towns we pass through, to checking out as many RC tracks as we can from as far north as Amain in California all the way down to SDRC in San Diego, when hes not racing or practicing (or wrenching on the cars) we are out exploring and supporting the hobby as much as possible.  RC Racing is not just our hobby but its become our way of life and our FAMILY!"


Courtney Gabeau-The Mid-West

"Hi Everyone! I'm 25 years old and I'm from Brownstown Illinois. I'm a country girl who loves hunting, fishing, riding Harleys, and racing. You can always find me supporting the love of my life or as he known in the RC world as the "Highside Hulkster". I look forward to meeting each of you!"